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Meet the Team Building Your Dream

Building a new home is a big job that requires lots of people.  At 3D Builders, we are proud of the team we have, and want you to meet our staff and subcontractors who will be investing their time and talents into your dream.  


Pete Neimeier - 3D Builders

This is Pete Neimeier, owner of 3D Builders Inc.  Pete has been a homebuilder since 2012 and has been an entrepreneur for most of his adult life.  He currently serves as President of our local homebuilders association, as well as serving on the Board of Trustees at Bowling Green Christian Academy.  He is married to Rachel who helps with house design and color selections, and has three children - Seth, Gabrielle, and Baby Hope.  Pete is a "gear head" who loves cars, motorcycles, jet skis, airplanes and anything else fast with an engine.  He is proud of the team that helps build 3D Builders homes - meet more of them below:


Derrick Coots - Coots & Sons

This is Derrick Coots of Coots and Sons company - the only foundation contractor that Pete Neimeier and 3D Builders has ever used.  Derrick and his brother Daniel are the "Sons" of Coots and Sons and they grew up in the business.  Their work is second to none, and they ensure that all 3D Builders homes start on a foundation that is built to exceed code requirements, and is also level and square.  They use the latest laser and GPS equipment, as well as a lifetime of experience to give the best foundation available, and our framers and trim carpenters appreciate their attention to detail.  If you buy a 3D Builders home, you will also appreciate the fact that your home is built on a solid foundation to last a lifetime.  


Jeremy Vincent - Vincent Electric

Jeremy Vincent is the owner of Vincent Electric which is the electric contractor for all 3D Builders homes.  Jeremy is a licensed and insured master electrician and has been in business for 17 years.  He is often on site, but also has help from assistants Levi Smith and Carl Vollernhausen who help him keep up with demand for his services.  Jeremy is an ordained minister who often performs weddings and preaches at local churches.  In keeping with the "gear head" theme, he also owns a classic Turbo Buick Regal.  Jeremy is married to Jennifer Vincent and has one daughter.


Kevin Estes - Estes Plumbing

Kevin Estes does all the plumbing work for 3D Builders with his company Estes Plumbing.  He is a licensed and insured master plumber and has been in business for 10 years.  Kevin is a second generation plumber and still gets help from his dad when business is busy, which is all the time right now.  


Randy Thomas - Thomas Painting

Randy Thomas paints all 3D Builders homes with his company Thomas Painting.  He manages a crew which includes Dave Daniels, Phil McGuire, Jesse Hill, Tony Huff, and Greg Rose.  Most of the electrical, plumbing and HVAC work is covered, but the final product from painters is always on display so having a good team who cares about their work is important.  Randy brings pride of ownership to every job, and he personally inspects the work to ensure it is up to his standards.  Randy is married to Jennifer Thomas and has 5 children, and enjoys playing bass guitar at Holy Spirit Catholic Church and in two bands.


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